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WonderFuel C-8 MCT Oil™ - 32 Ounce

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Announcing Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw's WonderFuel C-8 MCT Oil


The brain’s principal source of energy is glucose. When glucose supplies run low, the brain turns to an alternative source of rapid energy: ketones, produced largely by the liver and also by astrocytes, cells in the brain. If ketones are not supplied by diet or supplement, the brain will cannibalize its own vital fats to obtain the necessary ketones. Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), from which the ketones are produced, have shorter chain lengths than the usual dietary fats such as palmitic and stearic acids. The C-8 form of MCTs consists of octanoic acid, which has an eight-carbon backbone.

It is possible to enter a state of mild ketosis, where you attain a level of ketones adequate to give you many of the beneficial effects of a high-fat ketogenic diet, without having to dramatically cut your carbohydrate intake, if you ingest adequate quantities of C8:0 medium chain triglycerides as in WonderFuel C-8 MCT Oil. WonderFuel is extracted from coconut oil.

Ketones are particularly beneficial for:

• Conditions in which the brain is glucose starved, such as age-associated neurological support.*

• Less fat storage*

• Extending lifespan in experimental animals (C. elegans)*

• Producing ketone bodies, which may mimic the effects of calorie restriction*

• Improving glucose tolerance by mimicking insulin*

• Providing similar benefits to the high-fat ketogenic diet without the need to reduce dietary carbohydrates*

• Supporting cognitive function in memory-impaired adult humans: A ketone metabolite of MCTs, beta-hydroxybutyrate was shown in to do so in just ONE SERVING*

• Increasing superoxide dismutase, an important antioxidant enzyme*

• Helping to maintain proper lipid levels, such as higher HDL and lower LDL*

• Helping to preserve the brain’s content of white matter, critically important for permitting brain areas to communicate with each other*

How To Use WonderFuel C-8 MCT Oil

Substitute for some of the fats and oils in your diet; recommended use is 1–3 tablespoons a day. You can use it in salads and for virtually any foods where you would add oil, but do NOT use MCTs for high temperature cooking, such as frying, as it has a low boiling point.

Both Durk and Sandy use WonderFuel C-8 OIL as part of their daily diet. The C-8 MCTs are extremely stable, so they store well and are less likely than other oils to “contribute” peroxidized (rancid) fat to your food.

Live long and prosper!

More expensive than our regular Functional Gourmet MCT Oil, but well worth the price. Compare the benefits!