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Introducing Durk & Sandy’s “ESSENTIALS” line, with
Taurine ’n More


When designing your Life Extension Program you should not go without very low-cost high-benefit taurine, nor should you miss out on the essential trace mineral bromine (as bromide).

Out of these, your body can manufacture a natural taurine-bromine compound, an amazing nutritional vehicle for greater health. Taurine bromamine helps protect you from "[CENSORED BY THE FDA]." Of course, even the FDA can’t prevent YOU from searching the National Library of Medicine at or

There are a very large number of dietary supplements on the market, but since nobody can (or should) try to take everything, each of us is presented with the difficult problem of picking and choosing the supplements that fit within your budget AND represent the most important elements to include in your personal program to help increase your healthy lifespan.

We hope to make this a little bit easier by identifying specific supplements—that we call ESSENTIALS— for their exceptional importance in a program (including ours) for health and long life. These are basic supplements for any well-designed health program and, as you will see, you don’t have to spend a lot for the ESSENTIALS.

The amino acid TAURINE is one of our ESSENTIALS, and represents a great value: for a low price, you get a nutrient that provides a dazzling array of health benefits throughout your body and brain. Plus, we include BROMINE (in the form of bromide), long suspected of being an essential trace element and now definitely shown to be essential, as it is required for proper assembly of collagen IV scaffolds crucial for organogenesis (development of organs). Furthermore, bromine sufficiency may help alleviate basement membrane deterioration, which is detrimental to nutritional and lung wellbeing. And much, much more! Try it—you'll love it. Absolutely tasteless. Use 1/2 teaspoon (1.5 g taurine, 6 mg bromide), twice daily. Stir into water or a beverage of your choice. To your health!