Astaxanthin Algae Harvest

A new revolutionary nutritional supplement from Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw

Astaxanthin Algae Harvest

Astaxanthin is a unique fat-soluble carotenoid of natural origin. It can be found in a variety of sources, such as micro-algae, or salmon, trout, cray and shellfish. Astaxanthin makes flamingos pink. Humans cannot synthesize it. However, we can gain the benefits of Astaxanthin through eating sea foods, or alternatively or additionally, by taking an Astaxanthin supplement.

Astaxanthin Algae Harvest:

• Helps protect connective tissue against scarring*
• Supports proper eye function*
• Helps fight eye fatigue*
• Provides potent carotenoid antioxidant activity*
• Supports proper brain function*
• Supports proper cardiovascular function*
• Supports proper joint function*
• Supports proper skin function*

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