Lycopene Harvest™

Lycopene Delivers a Bounty of Benefits

Our lycopene, extracted from tomatoes, delivers a cornucopia of rewards that can help you climb the gift tree of your health program. Lycopene is a natural powerful antioxidant carotenoid,* the pigment of which gives tomatoes their characteristic red color. There have been a thousand scientific research papers published in the last five years, including both laboratory and clinical studies, indicating that Lycopene works through a number of mechanisms to support cardiovascular health and immune function.* Moreover, epidemiological studies show that natural Lycopene may be particularly important for the support of prostate health, as well as for the health of the digestive tract.*

Robustly, for men and women, Lycopene helps support:

• Cardiovascular function*
• Immune function*
• Your antioxidant defense system*
• Cellular protection*
• Your digestive system*
• Healthy skin*
• Your metabolic health*
• Prostate health (for men)*
• Erectile function (for men)*
• Your brain function*
• Over 3,000 scientific papers published about lycopene

The right dose; only one capsule per day!

• 20 mg from natural tomato extract
 Lyc-O-Mato Natural Lycopene Complex
• GMP Quality Assured
• Rapid-release liquid soft gels
• High bioavailability 
• Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels*

Lycopene Harvest—Because you expect more from Durk & Sandy … and because you get it!

Not for those who are allergic to tomatoes

By Bonnie Merced, CA. on 9/25/2006 

This product is wonderful. Seems to last longer than anything else I have tried. Thanks!