Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw

Memory Upgrade III™ Sugar-Free

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Remember: Choline Will Help You Do That*

As we age, the nutrient choline becomes less bioavailable, with serious consequences for memory function. Memory Upgrade III Sugar-Free is a great-tasting, natural, fruit-flavored citrus cooler containing choline and essential nutrient cofactors plus the important amino acid taurine. Memory Upgrade III Sugar-Free makes it easy to ensure adequate levels of choline.

This Designer Food® nutritional supplement was designed by life extension scientists Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw®.

Some of the choline in your diet is used by your brain and motor nerves to make the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is critical for proper memory function and muscle tone.* Taurine is a brain food that provides your brain with a vital nutrient needed for proper function.* Use Memory Upgrade III Sugar-Free to help preserve and protect your memory function.*

Suggested Use: For adults only. NEW SERVING SIZE. Place only one heaping TEAspoon of mix in 4 to 8 ounces (1⁄2 to 1 cup) of cold water or fruit juice. Stir briskly and drink. Serve over ice for best flavor. Consume as desired, 2 to 3 times per day.

Caution: Not for use by children, lactating or pregnant women, persons with Parkinson's disease, manic-depressive psychosis, or Wilson's disease, or those taking anticholinergic drugs. Consumption of too much choline may increase muscle tone which may produce temporary symptoms such as stiff neck, muscle tension headaches, or gastric cramps. Persons with ulcers or a history of ulcers should consult their physician before using a choline supplement. The high niacin content may cause skin flushing, redness, a feeling of heat, and itching, which usually last about half an hour. The niacin flush is harmless and can be minimized with regular use and by taking this product on a full stomach. Avoid the use of antacids containing aluminum when taking this product. Not for use by anyone sensitive to any of the ingredients.

Keep away from dogs. The xylitol in this product is harmful if ingested by dogs.

By Ron Toledo, OH. on 11/23/2011 

I couldn’t live without the Memory Upgrade. I work in the IT world, so I’m on call 24/7. Anytime a server breaks down, it’s my responsibility to go fix it and get the company up and running again. I have to stay sharp and on call for many hours at a time – we’re talking sometimes 15 hours stretches. Memory Upgrade definitely keeps me on task for a long period of time. It’s the greatest thing in the world.

By Phyllis Sonoma, CA. on 10/24/2011 

I have been much more gray than blue. And I’m 70 years old and have never understood what it was like to be down in the dumps before. I have just wanted to crawl in a hole and say, “This is it.” I just couldn’t get out of it. And I was so off balance! I just couldn’t think. And I’m the person who brings everybody else up. I didn’t want to go on drugs. Then I remembered Durk and Sandy’s Focus product from a while ago and went in search of it only to find that Memory Upgrade is the new Focus. And—Oh my gosh—what a difference! I feel like I’m young again. I’m ready to go on and do projects that I wanted to do! It was like—BOOM. It’s fantastic.

By Don AZ. on 9/23/2011 

The Memory Upgrade helps me keep my mind focused on the task at hand and even seems to help with hand and eye coordination.

By Betty CA. on 9/23/2011 

I’m using the Memory Upgrade II because I know that it’s supported my memory. So many people have commented on how sharp I am - boy am I staying alert! I would never, ever go off the Memory Upgrade II unless Durk and Sandy come up with something better.

By Ken Mitchell NH. on 2/25/2011 

I am VERY impressed by Memory Upgrade's effectiveness. I am nearly 59. By the second day of taking the product, I found I was much more focused, had much better instincts . . . I could multi-task much more easily and not forget any one thing at the expense of another. MUII makes me feel years younger, much more confident, and stabilizes my mood at a high, positive level, eliminating aggravation. I love it! The effect lasts about 4 hours for me, so a second dose near lunch works well. At the peak of the effect, one feels like one can handle anything that comes along quickly, and in the best possible way. I am in!