Fat & Weight Loss

Ultra EGCG

Boosts the Power of Green Tea 

Green Tea Booster EgCG Capsules now make it possible to enhance the functional utility of green tea with the use of Ultra EgCG Capsules.  Through the careful selection of natural ingredients, EgCG Capsules are designed to help:

  • Reduce fat synthesis‡
  • Increase energy expenditure‡
  • Inhibit alpha-glucosidase‡
  • Inhibit lipase‡
  • Upregulate PGC-1alpha (enhancing thermogenesis, mitochondrial biogenesis, and increased antioxidant defenses)‡
  • Increases naïve T lymphocytes and reduces memory lymphocytes‡
  • Enhances NK cells and CD8 T cells activities, while reducing inflammatory marker IL-6‡

Green Tea Booster EGCG Capsules will add to the biological effects of the "cocktail" of Green Tea ingredients and their chemical interactions!

Suggested Use: For one serving: After adding the tea leaves to your French tea press, take one capsule of Green Tea Booster EGCG Capsules, pull it apart, and add the contents to the tea. Discard the empty capsule. Then fill your tea press with boiling water. For best results, steep for at least half an hour before drinking.

May be taken in capsule form. 1 capsule with meals and optionally at bedtime.

By EDWIN San Anselmo, CA. on 4/29/2008 

The other day, I popped a button on a shirt. It was a smaller size shirt than I typically wear (XL vs. XXL), but I can’t recall popping a button on a shirt before. So, on a hunch, I measured my chest. It proved to be nearly 2 inches larger then when I last measured it. This perplexed me at first, because my weight has remained stable for about 8 months. Then I was 25 pounds heavier. Now when I look at myself in the mirror, I’ve definitely developed a T-frame, something I never had before. But it hadn’t occurred to me fully what was happening. So I stepped on a scale I acquired that measures body fat electrostatically: 14.5%! That’s great, and about the midpoint of the healthy range for someone between the ages of 18 and 39—and I’m nearly 64. What is going on? I had read the studies about mitochondrial biogenesis from resveratrol, in which mice had developed defined muscles by taking large amounts of resveratrol, but that was for human-equivalent amounts of about 3.6 g/day, and I have been taking only about 200 mg/day. But I am also taking other PGC-1alpha inducers, within the context of the Program. What I do know is that I’m maintaining my weight. But there’s more: I seem to be shifting more toward lean body mass. Have I increased my exercise regimen? No—I’ve actually decreased the amount of time I spend in the gym. So the only thing I can attribute my success to is this product, to which I’ve been faithful now for 18 months.