BioEnhance with DNAble™


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BioEnhance with DNAble™

BioEnhance with DNAble™


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BioEnhance with DNAble has nicotinamide and other nutrients that help make for healthy memory function and more.

BioEnhance with DNAble is the first multivitamin multimineral multiantioxidant formulation that also provides gene support. Thus it allows you to move beyond the foundation of your program by providing an advanced level of health support that will take you into the future with better health than you’ve previously been able to conceive of.

BioEnhance with DNAble is formulated according to the latest research on such substances as vitamin A, the B-vitamins, vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, L-cysteine, taurine, alpha-lipoic acid, selenium, zinc, vanadyl sulfate, magnesium, quercetin, and coenzyme Q10. And now, resveratrol has been added to BioEnhance with DNAble as a result of a recent study finding that this red-wine compound can extend average lifespan in yeast by 70%, and based on the lead author’s belief that it may also be beneficial for humans. Resveratrol is no new kid on the block, however, having been found to be beneficial for a wide variety of health benefits due to its blood-thinning and antioxidant properties.

Suggested Use: For general health maintenance, minimum intake should be 8 capsules per day in divided amounts three or four times per day; maximum intake should be 32 capsules per day in divided amounts three or four times per day. The greater the intake above 8 capsules per day, the greater the benefits. It is preferable to take this product with meals. For beginners, start with one capsule per meal, then increase by one capsule per meal over a three-to-four-week period until desired total intake is reached.

The suggested amount is 16 capsules per day divided over four times per day: 4 capsules 4 times per day. Halving or doubling this amount will still give adequate to optimal benefits.

By Eliza Nassau, AK. on 1/27/2012 

I want to tell you that the BioEnhance with DNAble is a really good product. I used to take care of my husband around the clock, and this product gave me so much energy – the energy I needed to take care of him. I owe so much of that to the BioEnhance with DNAble.

By KAREN Tulsa, OK. on 12/1/2008 

I have been using your multivitamin, multimineral, antioxidant, gene support formulation for close to ten years now. What I can report is that I am happy with the results. When comparing myself with my contemporaries and friends I’ve noticed that I feel much healthier, and much spryer, intellectually. While I realize that my appraisal is “anecdotal”, in my mind there is little doubt your high potency multivitamins are effective in delivery the goods of more robust health. Moreover, in my mind your DNAbling formulation is superior, and has made me more able in more ways than one. I feel that my memory is very sharp, and believe that your multi has made all the difference.

By KC Alston, MA. on 12/16/2005 

I have been a holistic health care practitioner for over 30 years and have tried many different supplements for myself and for my patients - some OK, most marginal. When I started taking BioEnhance with DNAble, I felt a boost in my energy level within days. After working all day, I notice I now have reserve energy I haven't experienced in a long time. I plan to recommend this product to my patients.

By SF on 12/15/2005 

As an avid supplement taker for over 30 years, I was quite astonished when I was diagnosed with a degenerative disk problem. In my disappointment, I felt fed up and stopped taking them for about six months. During this time I found myself reading books about supplements and how much better capsules are than tablets, as well as other aspects to consider about quality. When I decided to start taking supplements again, I resolved to take only the highest-quality products I could find. My research led me to Life Enhancement Products. I have been taking BioEnhance with DNAble, Oral EDTA Chelator Complex, CoEnzyme Q10, and Personal Additions [now known as Radical Shield Booster] for about five months. Not only has my energy been better, but I no longer require reading glasses. Thank you so much for your commitment to improving people's lives.

By WI on 12/13/2005 

I want to report that for the first time in my life, my stomach can tolerate a multivitamin/multimineral supplement, BioEnhance. Thank you.

By JD on 12/13/2005 

I think BioEnhance is the best multiple vitamin in the world. I recommend it to everyone I know. My wife takes BioEnhance too. She feels better and has more energy when she gets home from work.

By RC on 12/13/2005 

I am very pleased with BioEnhance with DNAble. It seems to give me more energy.

By Cheryl Folsom, CA. on 6/4/2003 

I love BioEnhance with DNAble; it is a terrific “multi.” And at 53 years old, my hair is starting to change back (about 50%) to what my natural color used to be, instead of a drab gray, dishwater blonde. I can’t imagine what it could be other than your wonderful multi. Keep up the good work.


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