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Introducing Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s
Stay Healthy Sodium Selenite

Selenium Form Matters When 
Health is a Great Concern

Not all forms of selenium are equally effective in helping to maintain good health when it really matters, and the selenite form appears to be more effective than other forms, including selenomethionine, selenate, and selenocysteine.

This is because the reductive extracellular microenvironment around certain cells activates redox active forms of selenium into more active forms of selenium, such as selenite, which is taken up more readily. In other words, selenite is redox active, where other forms are not, or less so, or require enzymatic degradation to be useful.

In addition, selenite:

  • Serves as a cofactor for the production of natural endogenous antioxidants such as four members of the peroxidase family, three thioredoxin reductases, and possibly others
  • Plays a role in the functioning of the thyroid gland; it is a cofactor for the three known thyroid hormone deiodinases
  • Bolsters production of the 25 selenoproteins, at least some of which are involved in protective mechanisms
  • Is the same form used in a majority of published selenium studies 

In the Earth’s crust, selenium is rarer than gold, and from what we now know about its power to help us to stay healthy, it may very well be more valuable than gold for the sheer good that it can do. All in all, Durk & Sandy’s Stay Healthy Sodium Selenite is a great bargain in form and matter.

Selenium may reduce the risk of bladder, colon, prostate, and thyroid cancers. Scientific evidence concerning this claim is inconclusive. Based on its review, FDA does not agree that selenium may reduce the risk of these cancers.†

The FDA Will Be Back, But So Will Durk & Sandy . . .

You Can Help Every Time 
You Buy Our Sodium Selenite!

When you buy Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s Stay Healthy Sodium Selenite, Durk & Sandy will donate 10% of their royalties and Life Enhancement will donate 10% of their profits from this product to the FDA Litigation Fund (or you can donate directly at to help fund new litigation to prevent FDA censorship of truthful information about foods and dietary supplements on labels and in advertisements or other FDA attempts to prevent consumer freedom of informed choice in the dietary supplements and foods marketplace.

You pay the regular low price. 
We provide the donations!

† The FDA refused to review hundreds of peer reviewed in-vitro mechanistic and animal scientific studies on the effects of selenium on cancer.

Suggested Use: The recommended daily serving of Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s Stay Healthy Sodium Selenite is 1 capsule, once per day, which provides 200 µg (mcg) of selenium in the form of sodium selenite.

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