Loving You™

By employing medium chain triglycerides, Loving You avoids the irritation caused by some nonoxynol containing spermicides.

For comfort, pleasure and added safety, try Loving You.

Directions: Apply small amount to genitals prior to intercourse.

Ingredients: Medium chain triglycerides, butylated hydroxy-toluene.

Caution: Loving You has been found to weaken latex condoms.

By Bonnie Merced, CA. on 9/25/2006 

This product is wonderful. It is better than Astro-Glide. Seems to last longer than anything else I have tried. Thanks!

By mh Savannah, GA. on 2/24/2006 

Loving you is absolutely amazing. This is the best lubricant, by far, of any we have tried. It is terrific for personal stimulation and incredible for sensual massages by couples.