MALE helps improve libido and sexual functions; it is a dietary supplement for better sexual health.*

But MALE is much more. Its broad array of nutrients and phytonutrients, contained in the same amounts used in scientific studies, have been shown to help:

  • Improve cardiovascular function*
  • Improve mental fitness*
  • Bolster energy levels*
  • Improve immune function*
  • Enhance growth hormone releasing function*
  • Support muscle and bone structure*
  • Improve urinary flow*
  • Increase staying power*
  • Strengthen erectile function*
  • Enhance testosterone function*

MALE is not just for “one-night solutions.” It goes beyond other touted products because it considers the whole man, not just his parts. MALE is a dietary supplement for improved health, the benefits of which are seen progressively as you make it part of your supplement program.*

MALE, a nutritional supplement from Jonathan Wright, M.D., 
author of Maximize Your Vitality and Potency for Men Over 40

Caution: For adult men only. Not for use by children or women. Not for use by anyone sensitive to any of the ingredients. This product should not be taken by those with cancer or ocular or brain herpes. Diabetics should not use this product.

Suggested Use: For adult men, continuous use is required for full enhancement or sexual function restoration. Take 5 capsules daily at bedtime. On days when sexual activity is anticipated, increase daily serving to 10 capsules and take one hour before. After several months, the serving size may be reduced to 4 capsules daily or as desired, depending on individual response and goals.

By Chuck Porterville, CA. on 3/11/2015 

MALE: Good for Goats!

We have been using MALE for 3 years now to help our bucks (male goats) come into rut when they are out of season. we have been very pleased with the effectiveness of MALE at accomplishing this. We mix MALE into their feed each day and make sure that they eat it. I try to feed them the equivalent of 8 capsules per day. we buy the product in loose, bulk form and mix it in their feed. It is much easier than trying to put the capsules down their throat each day!! Let me tell you how I came up with the idea of using MALE to stimulate our bucks. I could see that the bucks were about the same weight as a man (200–250 lbs), I also really liked the formulation of MALE. It had all of the nutrients in vitamins and minerals that are important to reproduction. I could not find the same formulation in any other product so I decided to try MALE out on an experimental basis on our animals. The 1st year I bought several bottles of the capsules. I broke the capsules open and mixed them in the feed. I started out giving them 5 capsules per day and after daily observation decided to move them up to 8 capsules per day. I have found that top be an effective amount. It takes 3-4 full weeks for MALE to bring the bucks into rut. It has worked every year and it is time for us to order more for this coming season. I have found that the taste is somewhat bitter so just using it as a top dress is not effective as the bucks will just push it out of their feed trough. MALE must be mixed in with molasses or corn oil in the feed so it cannot be separated out and we have to be sure they eat it all. When they do consume the desired amount they will come into full rut and will stay in as long as they are supplemented with MALE. It is a very effective product and we are very happy to be able to get kids born out of season each year. 

Thanks for a very useful product.

By FL on 12/16/2005 

I've always had a good sex life, thank God, but in my fifties I started to notice a certain waning in my maleness. A few months ago, a friend recommended the product MALE, and I am amazed at the positive effect it has had. My wife of 15 years also notices the difference. Thank you!

By AS on 12/16/2005 

About three months ago, I started taking MALE, and it has truly made a difference. In fact, the results were so amazing for me, I gave a bottle of it to my best friend, Fred, and he tried it. It worked so well for him that he sent a mutual friend of ours, Harry, to get a bottle from me. Harry was so pleased with the results that he told Buddy, and Buddy came to me for a bottle too. The upshot is that MALE has created a new kind of bonding among my fifty-something friends. Not only that, the ones who are happiest about all this are our wives! Can I get a special discount for buying a case of MALE?

By AL on 12/12/2005 

MALE has been my most recent purchase from Life Enhancement Products. I am very pleased with the results. I'm 66 years old, in pretty good health compared to most men my age, and sexually I feel like I'm 20 years old again. No kidding. Thanks!

By Robert Eenkema Kingsport, TN. on 10/10/2004 

I have suffered from low libido for a few years (I am 35). I have tried numerous products for libido, including yohimbe. Nothing worked. I started to get discouraged after using MALE for 2 weeks. At week 4, however, my libido came back steadily. I bought another bottle with continuing improvement. Now, after 6 weeks, I have a normal libido again! I will continue to use and recommend this product. Thank You!