Niacin Easy 200™

Niacin Easy 200™ is a combination of niacin and magnesium hydroxide which helps to buffer excess acid which may be associated with the use of niacin.*

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule with each meal (3 capsules daily).

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed. Niacin may cause a temporary rash or flushing reaction. Do not use more than 600 milligrams of supplementary niacin per day without the advice and supervision of your physician. Persons taking medication to reduce high blood pressure, diabetics, and persons with gout, or a history of jaundice, liver disease, gallbladder disease, peptic ulcer, arterial bleeding, or ancanthosis niagricans should consult their physician before using a niacin supplement. This product contains magnesium; persons with kidney disease should consult their physician before using this product.

By Mark Gluth on 10/12/2015 

Hello, in the September issue of The Life Extension News, Durk and Sandy wrote about niacin when used during sex, and asked to be contacted c/o your company about any experience readers may have had. I'd like to share mine, which would be a stronger and longer orgasm during a niacin flush, as well as an over all heightened sense of arousal since I increased my niacin from 500 mg per day to 1 gram. Also, I feel that during sexual activity during which I am not having a flush, my orgasm is still heightened since taking this dose split 3 times daily. If there are any further questions, feel free to contact me at this email address: