ProSexual Plus™

ProSexual PlusTM is a synergistic formula containing arginine, Ginkgo biloba extract, dibencozide, folic acid, and other nutrient co-enhancers designed by Life Extension scientist Ward Dean, MD® exclusively for Life Enhancement Products, Inc.

"I wanted to design a product to meet the special needs of active men and women."
- Dr. Dean

Some of the arginine in your diet is used by your body to make the retroactive messenger known as nitric oxide.* This endogenous substance was named "molecule of the year" by a major science publication because it is critical for an important number of natural body functions including those necessary for proper memory and sexual functions.*

Suggested Use: For adults only. Take 6 capsules at bedtime or one hour before activity requiring enhanced energy.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed. The high niacin content may cause temporary flushing, redness, a feeling of heat, and itching which usually lasts for about half an hour. Not for use by children, or pregnant or lactating women. This product should not be taken by those with cancer or herpes, especially of the ocular or brain variety. Diabetics should not use this product.

By Greg Pembroke, NC. on 12/16/2005 

I am a professional weightlifter. Twenty years ago I was able to do ten reps of 225 lbs. I have been looking for a supplement that might help me get back to this level of fitness again, so I tried ProSexual Plus. After taking it for five weeks, I was able to do eleven reps of 225 lbs. Four weeks after my supplies ran out, my stamina dropped, and I could do only nine reps of the same weight. I've used creatine, but ProSexual Plus works as well, and it's cheaper.