Q I am female, age 55, and have gained 20 lbs in the last two years. My doctor says my thyroid is "low normal" but feels I don't need a thyroid supplement because it is still considered to be in the normal range. I am on natural hormone replacement therapy (Estrace and Progesterone).

Could ThyroPlex help me in the weight loss category? When I read about ThyroPlex in Dr. Wright's newsletter, I believe he talked about its effects on weight loss as well. But I don't see you mention weight loss with Thyroplex in the material you have on the web. Thanks.


Dear MG, 
A Thyroplex is not specifically recommended for weight loss. However, there is a connection. If a person is hypothyroid (low in thyroid hormone) their body's basal metabolic rate (BMR) decreases. One's BMR is related to the amount of energy needed and used in order to maintain life. A person with low thyroid has a basal metabolism which is slowed down. This means the body is not burning up enough energy. People with low thyroid may have various symptoms, including weight gain, dry hair and skin, diminished energy levels, depression, or may get cold easily.

On the other hand, if a person is hyperthyroid (high in thyroid hormones) their basal metabolic rate is increased. They are burning up too much energy. Elevated levels of thyroid can result in various symptoms also. These include weight loss, nervousness, anxiety, tremor, increased heart rate, palpitations, depression, and psychological disturbances.

Dr. Wright formulated ThyroPlex essentially for "Age-Related Thyroid Decline." What he means is that as we age our thyroid gland becomes progressively sluggish. It no longer produces optimal levels of thyroid hormone. As we age, many of us experience mild to moderate symptoms of low thyroid. Most times the symptoms are so insidious and slow to evolve that we write them off as normal aging and therefore do not consider them a problem. Your conventional doctor may tell you that your laboratory tests for thyroid function are "normal." Frequently they are "low normal." The diagnosis of Age-Related Thyroid Decline is problematic since most conventional doctors are not trained to look for, nor treat it.

ThyroPlex can help restore optimal thyroid function, which declines due to aging, thereby slowing thyroid decline. According to Dr. Wright, even at the level of 1/4 grain of the natural thyroid component of ThyroPlex, people often comment that their energy levels are higher, their thinking is enhanced, and bowel function is improved. More information about Thyroplex can be found in Life Enhancement's February 1998 issue.

There's One Natural Progesterone but Three Natural Estrogens 
You mentioned that you are 55 years old and on natural hormone replacement therapy. Natural Progesterone is a great choice for peri- and post-menopausal women for many reasons, especially because adequate levels of progesterone are associated with enhanced bone synthesis function and improved heart function. Studies indicate that there is a reduced risk from osteoporosis and heart disease when endogenous hormone levels of progesterone are adequate. It is important that you use a high quality natural progesterone and that the concentration of progesterone be high enough per ounce if you are using a cream. There should be at minimum 400 mg per ounce. Since you seem to be an advocate of natural hormones, you may be interested to know that although estradiol (Estrace) is a natural estrogen, it is only one of the three naturally occurring estrogens in the body, the other two being estriol and estrone.

According to Dr. Jonathan Wright, in his book Natural Hormone Replacement , the natural pattern of circulating estrogens are estrone: 10-20%; estradiol 10-20%; and estriol 60-80%. Since estriol is the safest of the three estrogens, Dr. Wright routinely prescribes "triple estrogen," consisting of 10% estrone, plus 10% estradiol, plus 80% estriol. All compounding pharmacies carry triple estrogens in these proportions. For additional information about Natural Hormone Replacement therapy read Dr. Wright's book. Hope this has been helpful to you.

Dr V