Dear Dr. Dean,

I purchased BHT some time ago but am confused about how I should take it. I have read the eBook by Fowkes/Mann as you have suggested. Here is my situation and questions.

I had 2 genital outbreaks and have been on valacyclovir ever since (about 4 years). I want to go off the med.

Your bottle says to put one capsule in one quart of oil but DOES NOT say what to do with it (orally vs. skin). I want to be able to take it orally.

  1. Can I take your product without oil?

  2. I am not sure how much to take, what would you suggest? Since your product is 180 mg I would need 3 capsules to get to 500 mg.

  3. Should I work up to an amount?

NANCY, Boca Raton, FL

Dear Nancy,


The reason to put one BHT capsule in one quart of cooking or salad oil is to take advantage of the antioxidant properties of BHT to preserve freshness and prevent rancidity of the oil.

For therapeutic use, I recommend taking about 2,000 mg of BHT per day at the first sign of a herpes outbreak (itching, reddening of the skin), and continue this dose until the lesions resolve (if initiated early in an attack, the lesions may resolve without blistering).

The total daily dose should be broken up into divided doses and taken throughout the day—high doses taken at one time can cause a temporary but noticeable disequilibrium. Also, don’t drink alcohol when taking BHT, as BHT blocks the enzyme (alcohol dehydrogenase), which metabolizes alcohol, resulting in potentiated effects of the alcohol.

Since BHT is fat soluble, it is most effective when taken with some fatty food—i.e., peanut butter, butter, etc.

BHT can also be applied topically. Mix a capsule in a small amount of coconut oil, and apply several times per day.

You do not need to “work up” to any particular dose. If you suffer from recurrent herpes attacks, you might need to take a suppressive dose on an ongoing basis. Usually, doses in the range of 500 mg per day are adequate for long-term use.

Ward Dean, MD