Life Enhancement News with Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw

November 2008 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Nov 25, '08

Wisdom from The Myth of the Rational Voter by Bryan Caplan -- The Logic of Business in a Heavily Regulated Economy, Then and Now -- AGE Inhibitors: Potential Therapy for Prevention and/or Treatment of Dementia -- Protection by Spices Against Cell Damage Caused by Peroxynitrite -- Tinnitus May Be Caused by Peroxynitrite No, Oh No! -- Caloric Restriction (CR) in Skeletal Muscle of Rhesus Monkeys: Effects of CR May Be Species-Specific -- Varying Effects of Calorie Restriction in Two Strains of Mice -- Another Dogma Bites the Dust! Adult Humans Do Have Brown Fat

September 2008 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Sep 25, '08

Earth to Loony Bin: The Triffids Were Offended -- An Exercise Device for People Who Don’t Exercise -- No Oil, No Problem . . . for the Nazis -- Reducing Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence by Lowering Insulin Levels -- Don’t Look Behind You—Something Might Be Catching Up -- Inflammatory Responses to Eating Mitigated by Certain Nutrients -- Local Cooling, Not Warming -- Effects of Various Types of Fats on Heart Cells -- U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Right to Freedom from Unreasonable Searches and Seizures -- Libertarian, Like Me: The Search for the Libertarian Brain

July 2008 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Jul 25, '08

The Saturated Fat Palmitate Induces Insulin Resistance, Which Is Reversed by the Monounsaturated Fat Oleate -- Natural Metabolites of Dietary Quercetin Target and Protect Macrophages from Becoming Foam Cells -- Astaxanthin Promotes Fat Metabolism, Rather Than Glucose Metabolism, During Exercise Improving Endurance -- Seasonal Flu Shots May Protect Against Bird Flu -- Ghrelin: A Mere Hormonal Appetite Stimulant or a Possible Anti-Aging Molecule

May 2008 Blog with Durk and Sandy

May 25, '08

A Year of Global Cooling -- Prevention of HDL Oxidation that Is Associated with Loss of HDL Atheroprotection -- Motif Maps from Microarrays Reveal Enforcement of Aging by Continual NF-kappaB Activity -- Improving Quality Control in Raw Materials for Dietary Supplements Imported from China -- Medicinal Mushrooms at Your Supermarket Improve Immune Function -- Activation of Autophagy for Neuroprotection: Lithium Induces Autophagy, Delays Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

March 2008 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Mar 25, '08

Enhancing Learning and Memory and Neurogenesis with Tryptophan-Induced Serotonin Increase -- It’s Never Too Late! Improved Mental and Physical Performance in Centenarians Treated with L-Carnitine -- Nutrients That Inhibit Age-Associated Reduction in Telomere Length -- Hydrogen Sulfide Is Responsible for the Vasoactivity of Garlic -- Vitamin E Reduces Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease -- Predicting the Outcome of Elections from Rapid Impressions of Candidates’ Faces -- Shadow Government Statistics: Tells You Much More About the Economy Than What the Government Tells You -- Good News for Moderate Drinkers of Red Wine -- Bad News for the DEA: More Evidence for the Cancer-Inhibitory Effects of Cannabinoids

January 2008 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Jan 25, '08

Durk & Sandy’s Anti-Aging Regimen -- Importance of PGC-1alpha in Maintaining Skeletal Muscle Function and Integrity -- FDA’s Body Count Mounts as the Agency Increases Its Suppression of New Medical Therapies -- A Possible Mechanism Contributing to Loss of Estrogen Cardioprotection in Late Postmenopausal Women -- If You Find Yourself in a Hole, Stop Digging

September 2007 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Sep 25, '07

Recovery of "Lost" Memories Possible with Enriched Environment or Butyrate Treatment -- Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) and Life Extension -- Low-AGE Cooking With a Tajine

June 2007 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Jun 25, '07

Mortality in Antioxidant Trials -- Fish Oils Approved by FDA for Reducing Triglycerides—Prescription Required -- Losing Weight and Improving Your Health with a Carbohydrate-Restricted Diet -- Comparison of Atkins, Zone, Ornish, and LEARN Diets in Overweight Premenopausal Women -- Dietary Factors and Adiponectin, a Fat-Derived Peptide that Improves Insulin Sensitivity: Moderate Alcohol Strikes Again -- Suppression of Fatty Acid Synthase in Breast Cancer Cells by Tea and Tea Polyphenols -- Combinations of Biomarkers Predictive of Later-Life Mortality -- Cocoa Reduces LDL Oxidative Susceptibility and Increases HDL-Cholesterol