Life Enhancement News with Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw

June 2011 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Jun 2, '11

Niacin Inhibits the Progression of Atherosclerosis New Mechanisms Help Explain Its Protective Effects -- Selenium Protects Against Calcification in Blood Vessels by Preventing Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells From Acting Like Bone -- The 2010 Dietary Guidelines The Latest Dietary Advice From the Government is No Help At All Good Advice: Fire the USDA and the H -- Pain Relief Starts in the Brain Blockade of TNF-alpha (Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha) Inhibits the Brain’s Response to Pain -- There May Be a Lot More Polyphenols in the Circulation Than Just Those Found in the Plasma

April 2011 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Apr 2, '11

Comparison of Efficacy of Turmeric and Curcumin in Immunological Measures and Gene Regulation -- Dietary Intake of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) Provides More Neuroprotection in Transgenic Mice -- Post-Operative Cognitive Decline Associated with a Cytokine Cascade Triggered by Tumor Necrosis-Factor-Alpha -- Correlated Genotypes in Friendship Networks

February 2011 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Feb 2, '11

Mirthful Laughter Improves Vascular Function -- Restricting Food Intake to the Active (Dark) Phase Prevents Body Mass Gain in Mice -- The Unfortunate Result of Poorly Designed Clinical Trials without Adequate Explanation of Findings -- Anti-aging and Rejuvenating Effects of Quercetin in Aging and Senescent Fibroblasts -- Quercetin, N-acetylcysteine Prevent Muscle Disuse Atrophy -- Disease Risk Alleles Do Not Compromise Human Longevity in Genome Study -- Low Dose Resveratrol Partially Mimics Caloric Restriction, Retards Some Aspects of Aging -- DHEA Replacement Therapy in Older Women Results in Significant Improvements in Spine BMD -- Upper Body Subcutaneous (sc) Fat Cells Differently Affected by Overeating Than Lower Body sc Fat Cells -- Delay in Administering Hormone Replacement Therapy in Postmenopausal Women Results in Loss of Estrogen Protection: Possible Prev

December 2010 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Dec 2, '10

Inflammation as an Indicator of Sensitivity to Social Rejection -- Sodium Selenite Increases Mean and Maximum Lifespan of Banana Fruitfly -- Protection by Trehalose Against Mutant Protein Causing a Neurodegenerative Disease -- Theabrownin May Be the Main Bioactive Molecule in Pu-erh Tea -- Kidney Function Declines with age and AGEs and Is A Major Source of Mortality -- Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Inflammation, Insulin-Sensitivity, Fatty Liver -- Two Recipes from Sandy’s Kitchen

October 2010 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Oct 2, '10

Sleep Apnea -- White Blood Cell Count and Risk of Mortality -- Patients on a Low Salt Diet Have Increased Mortality -- If You Have a Heart Attack, Be Sure To Do This While on Your Way to the Hospital -- Reducing Uncertainty in Decisionmaking By Hand Washing -- Diabetes, Insulin Resistance -- Sell Off Some of the Nature Preserves and Protected Areas to Invest In More Cost-Effective Conservation

August 2010 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Aug 2, '10

Alzheimer’s disease: Fish oil and EGCG act synergistically to inhibit cerebral amyloid beta deposits -- Predicting future cognitive decline: Markers help predict future cognitive decline in individuals without dementia -- Alzheimer’s disease: ApoE4 found to be carried by VLDL and is possibly converted by VLDL into a more pathogenic form -- Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Decreased histone deacetylase activity results in resistance to antiinflammatory effect -- Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease: More on the effects of carbonyl compounds -- Weight control, diabetes: Inhibition of starch digestion by black tea -- Fat reduction: Consumption of acetic acid (vinegar) suppresses body fat accumulation in mice -- Good News! We win yet another First Amendment suit against the FDA!! -- Glioblastoma: Experimental treatment that may never be approved by the FDA -- Psychobiochemistry: Testosterone decreases trust in human social relationships

June 2010 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Jun 2, '10

Orange Juice and Obesity, Insulin Resistance, and Atherosclerosis -- Anti-Aging Supplements: Plant Extracts That Inhibit Elastase and Collagenase -- Cardioprotection and Neuroprotection Against Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury: New Use for a Very Old Drug -- Chronic Activation of NF-kappaB, the Master Regulator of Inflammation, Induces Senescence -- Cardioprotection, Possible Life Extension: Inhibitors of mTOR Revisited: Resveratrol -- Another Autophagy Inducer: Trehalose -- Kidney Injury and Recovery: Serotonin Receptor Stimulation Increases Mitochondrial Biogenesis -- Emerging Medicine: Angiogenesis Inhibitor: What Does Athlete’s Foot Have to Do with Angiogenesis?

April 2010 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Apr 2, '10

Life Extension by Inhibiting Growth -- Adipocyte Size Predicts Risk of Type 2 Diabetes in Women -- Melatonin Preserves Longevity Protein SIRT1 Expression in the Hippocampus and Cognitive Function of Total Sleep-Deprived Rats -- Knee Arthritis Relief