Life Enhancement News with Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw

June 2013 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Jun 2, '13

Appetizers -- Arginine Update -- The Methylome DNA -- Hydrogen Therapy -- COMT -- Quick Nutritious Lunch: The Reuben Halfwich -- Atherosclerosis -- Nitrated Fatty Acids -- Blood Groups and the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease -- Fennel -- Is Everything We Eat Associated With Cancer? -- Scientific Bias -- Recent Court Decisions Rule Commercial Speech -- Linear Threshold Dose Response Model of Radiation Damage May Be About to Exit Stage Left -- PREDATOR VS. PREY

May 2013 Blog with Durk and Sandy

May 2, '131 comment

Appetizers -- The Sleeping Brain Decides What to Remember and What to Forget -- Hydrogen Gas Protects Beagle Dog Hearts from Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury-Induced Infarction -- Important Advance in Cancer Treatment: Restoring Activity of Tumor Suppressor Genes -- Hypermethylation Isn’t Just a Mechanism Affecting the Regulation of Tumor Suppressor Genes: Age-Related Nuclear Cataracts -- Stuck in an Apathetic Rut? Cholinesterase Inhibition Ameliorates Apathy and Loss of Motivational Drive in Mice -- Powerful Punch of Evidence-Supported Aromatherapy: Menthol Protects Against Beta Amyloid Peptide Induced Cognitive Deficits in Mice -- Wake Up and Feel Your Juices Flow with Durk & Sandy’s Morning Smoothie

April 2013 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Apr 2, '13

Appetizers -- HAPPY NEW YEAR! -- AGEless: Deleting AGEs to Prevent Metabolic Syndrome -- Delayed Aging and Aging-Associated Decline of Protein Function by Inhibiting Tryptophan Degradation -- Killing Prostate Cancer Cells -- Serotonin’s Role in Impulsivity -- Going Mountain Climbing? Quercetin Found To Be Protective Against High Altitude Cerebral Edema -- Understanding the Mechanism: Why Bleeding Might Be Beneficial in Obesity or Diabetes -- Mild Exercise Increases Dihydrotestosterone -- New Discovery of Cause of Pancreatic Beta Cell -- LDLR (LDL Receptor) Overexpression Enhances the Rate of Amyloid Beta Clearance -- Revenge of the Fly -- IMPORTANT COURT DECISION -- Germany Wants Their Gold Back and Why They Are Unlikely to Get It -- Reducing Federal Deficit the Federal Reserve Way -- Rejection of “Unfair” Offers May Not Represent a Preference for “Fairness” (Equality)

March 2013 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Mar 2, '13

Appetizers -- Feeling Burned Out? -- Anthocyanins to Prevent Obesity and Diabetes Anthocyanins Enhance Secretion of the Adipocytokines Leptin and Adiponectin Without Activating PPARgamma-induced Lipogenesis -- Chronic Inflammation and Superoxide Radicals Produced by NADPH Oxidase Are Reported to be the Main Determinants of Physical Frailty in Older Adults -- The Hydrogen Therapy Series Continued Measurement of Hydrogen Gas Emitted From the Skin During Inhalation of Hydrogen-Rich Air -- Medium Chain Triglycerides: Wash ’Em Down With Niacin -- A Slight Exaggeration? -- Why We Recommend Supplementation with L-Arginine (and Also Histidine) -- Ultra Easy Monetary Policy and the Law of Unintended Consequences -- Dietary Help for Stressed Mice and Humans

February 2013 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Feb 2, '13

NEW RESEARCH WITH HYDROGEN THERAPY: Protection Against Atherosclerosis in Rats -- Trehalose inhibits aggregation of mutant alpha-synuclein (thought to be a key factor in the cause of Parkinson’s disease) and disaggregates existing fibrils -- Effect of Treating Cocoa with Alkali: The Dutching Process -- Chronic Caffeine Consumption for Six Months by Rats from Young Adult to Middle Aged Prevents Some Aspects of Cognitive Decline and Is Associated with More Youthful Morphology of Hippocampal Neurons -- Timed High Fat Diet Resets Circadian Metabolism and Prevents Obesity -- Scientists Report on Hydrogen-Limited Growth of Methanogens at Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents -- Lithium Identified as a Phy­siological Trace Element in the Human Neocortex -- John Stossel Attends Obama’s Victory Party in Chicago -- Preference for “Fairness” is Heritable -- Update on Bond v. United States: Return to Federalism, Bond v. United States and the Treaty Power -- Leptin and Weight Control Leptin Resistance Increased Under Inflammatory Conditions

January 2013 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Jan 2, '13

Hydrogen Protects Against Stress-Induced Gastric Ulcers in Rats -- Filling Your Brain’s Fuel Tank with More Willpower -- INFLAMMATORY PAIN UPDATE -- EPA Economy Ratings on Cars -- Sigma-1 Receptor Chaperones Regulate the Secretion of BDNF: DHEA and pregnenolone as sigma-1 receptor agonists -- Inhibition of NFkappaB, Master Regulator of Pro-inflammatory Signaling Pathway, Delays DNA Damage-induced Cell Senescence in Mouse Model of Accelerated Aging -- 62% Put Economic Growth Ahead of Economic Fairness, says recent Rasmussen Poll -- Ashwagandha Reverses Alzheimer’s Pathology in a Mouse Model By Upregulating Liver Protein -- You Don’t HAVE to Buy Broccoli But if You Do: Here’s a Tip on How To Cook Broccoli To Maximize Sulforaphane Yield

December 2012 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Dec 2, '12

Hydrogen Therapy Update -- Do Prions Play a Unifying Role in Neurodegenerative Diseases, Such as Alzheimer’s disease? -- Gamma Tocopherol Protects Healthy Young Men From Glucose Induced Increases in Postprandial Methylglyoxal -- Another Election Looms, so It Bears Repeating: The Demopublicans and the Republicrats are the Lizards. You are the People. Vote for the Lizard of Your Choice. Nothing Will Change. -- COST/BENEFITS STUDY: Public Spending on Biomedical Research: How Many Extra Lives Saved With Treatments Funded By Taxpayers’ Money -- Happiness Research: The Latest Squishy “Science” -- Oregon Police File Suit Challenging Financial Penalty for Refusing to Join “Voluntary” Wellness Program -- Hypothesis: Activation of Cholinergic Nervous System May Promote Satiety by Signaling the End of a Meal -- Dietary Restriction—A Natural Cholinesterase Inhibitor? Decreased Acetylcholinesterase Activity in Brains of Female Mice Undergoing Dietary Restriction

October 2012 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Oct 2, '121 comment

APPETIZERS -- Human Breath Hydrogen Measurements From Hydrogen Water and From Milk -- Special Feature —The Story of Hydrogen -- Remarkable New Finding on Weight Gain and WHEN You Eat -- Natural Products to Clear Amyloid Beta From the Brain -- Measuring Adiposity: Body Mass Index, Percent Body Fat, and Leptin -- The Beat Goes On: The Microbiota Influence Beyond the Gut -- Climategate 3 —How to Fool the Public Now Explained Openly in a Scientific Journal Rather Than Covertly in E-Mails