Life Enhancement News with Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw

July 2015 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Jul 27, '15

APPETIZERS -- THE MYSTERY OF THE RISING IQs MAY BE SOLVED -- How Much of the Obesity Epidemic Is Real? -- The Bad News and the Worse News -- EPA Releases Draft Plan to Control Bedbugs Following the First National Bed Bug Summit -- Complaints From the Past -- Surprise! Kappa Opioid Receptors Mediate the Antidepressant-Like Activity of Hesperidin in Mice -- The Difference Between Modern Men and Those That Preceded Them -- DO YOU INGEST ENOUGH CHOLINE? -- OBESITY -- CHOLINE COADMINISTERED WITH ASPIRIN HAS SYNERGISTIC EFFECT ON PAIN RELIEF: HIGHER POTENCY, LONGER DURATION, FEWER SIDE EFFECTS -- SATIETY SIGNALING AT THE END OF A MEAL MAY BE DUE TO ACTIVATION OF THE CHOLINERGIC NERVOUS SYSTEM—AN EXPLORATION OF POSSIBLE MECHANISMS REGULATING INGESTION

June 2015 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Jun 27, '15

APPETIZERS -- FDA Approved Anticholinergic Drugs Prescribed for “Overactive Bladder” May Increase the Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease -- Revolutionary New View of Consciousness: The Brain As a Community of Interacting Areas -- NATURALLY GM: Naturally Genetically Modified Sweet Potato Found to Naturally Contain Genes from Bacteria -- DO YOU INGEST ENOUGH CHOLINE? -- Inflamed By Love

May 2015 Blog with Durk and Sandy

May 27, '15

APPETIZERS -- DID YOU KNOW . . . Cumulative Use of Strong Anticholinergics May Be Associated with An Increased Risk of DEMENTIA -- REALLY Low Dose Lithium Stabilizes Alzheimer’s Disease Patient Cognition Over 15 Months -- Here’s To Your Health With Beer, the Drink Recommended by Benjamin Franklin! -- ALL NATURAL ANTIMICROBIAL IN FOOD PRESERVATION -- Weight and the Perception of Sexual Attractiveness -- Dip In Affluent Consumers’ Spending in 4th Quarter of 2014 Shows Sharp Drop in Confidence Among the Most Well-Off -- NEW EXECUTIVE ORDER ISSUED ON APRIL 1ST IS NO JOKE BUT MAYBE THAT’S WHAT THEY HOPED YOU’D THINK

April 2015 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Apr 27, '15

New Technology Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive or Complicated

November 2014 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Nov 30, '14804 comments

APPETIZERS -- Official FDA Dictionary Announcement -- Another GREAT IDEA From the FDA -- Platelets Crucial for Early Metastasis in Cancer -- Hydrogen Gas — For Prevention and Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Related Diseases -- Epigenetic Mechanisms in Cardiovascular Disease — Explosion of New Data -- Important New Discovery! New Way to Prevent Atherosclerosis -- Epigenetic Mechanism in Depression -- Old Age Deodorized! -- The Return of Ineffable Essence -- Western Civilization Nearly Brought to Its Knees by the Chinese Restaurant Syndrome -- 1215 The Year of Magna Carta -- Restoring Freedom—A Good Start

September 2014 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Sep 30, '14

APPETIZERS -- iFOIA, New Resource from the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press Online Tool to Create, Send, and Track Federal and State Freedom of Information Requests

September 2014 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Sep 2, '14

APPETIZERS -- Your Physics Lesson for Today -- Hydrogen-Rich Water Decreases LDL Cholesterol and Improves HDL Function in Human Trial -- Hydrogen Treatment Prevents Lipid Deposition in Descending Aorta in Rat Model of Periodontitis -- Hydrogen Gas Improves Functional Outcome Following Cardiac Arrest to an Extent Comparable to That of Therapeutic Hypothermia in Rats -- Increasing cGMP Promotes the Expansion and Browning of White Adipose Tissue -- Protection Against Recurrent Strokes with Resveratrol -- Beware of Falling Dinosaurs: A Continuing Saga of Corruption and Revolution -- Corruption and the Cause of Revolutions -- Free Speech Update: U.S. Dept. of Justice and Dept. of Education Mandate Unconstitutional Speech Codes at Virtually All Colleges and Universities -- Progress Slow in Developing an Overall Model of the Aging Process -- How You, Too, May Benefit From the New Research on DNA Methylation and “Browning” of White Adipose Tissue -- Closing In On Exercise In a Pill? Maybe. -- Reducing the Risk to Male Humans of Making Excessively Generous Economic Offers to Physically Attractive Females -- It’s a NAD+, NAD+, NAD+, NAD+ World -- Climate Models Deal Poorly With Clouds and Vegetation

August 2014 Blog with Durk and Sandy

Aug 30, '1414 comments