GalantaMind Plus™ 4mg 180 caps—Premier Signature Line


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GalantaMind Plus™ 4mg 180 caps—Premier Signature Line

GalantaMind Plus™ 4mg 180 caps—Premier Signature Line


GalantaMind Plus is a multinutrient braincare formulation designed by life extension scientists Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw for their own daily use as a means to help preserve and protect memory function.*

GalantaMind Plus features galantamine, a phytonutrient extracted from the common snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis). As an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor (AChEl), galantamine competitively blocks the premature, age-related breakdown of the natural neurotransmitter acetylcholine, an essential molecule that supports memory function.* Unlike other AChEls, galantamine also supports proper nicotinic receptor activity, an effect long known to influence memory function.* Galantamine is the same memory-function enhancer used 3200 years ago by the Greek hero Odysseus, the champion of memory and the enemy of forgetfulness.*

GalantaMind Plus also contains green tea polyphenols and turmeric (each with its own system of antioxidants, each operating together as a system), along with vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, quercetin, lithium (an important brain food found in the bottled waters of American and European health spas) and now hesperidin for improved neuronal survival, at no additional cost.*

Caution: Not for use by children or by pregnant or lactating women. Not for use by anyone sensitive to any of the ingredients. If taking this formulation makes you dizzy, reduce dose or discontinue. Do not use if you have bradycardia, ulcers, or an increased risk for developing ulcers. This product should not be used by those with moderate to severe depression.

Suggested Use: For adults only. Start with one capsule each morning with breakfast for the first week. Add a second capsule with lunch, starting the second week. Add a third capsule with dinner, starting in week three. Then in weeks four, five, and six, add a second capsule at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, respectively, until your desired level is achieved. If sensitivity occurs, reduce the amount used. If sensitivity continues, stop using the supplement. Many individuals do well on only two to four capsules/day, although six capsules/day is optimal.

By JOE Novato, CA. on 4/8/2016 

Kudos for Alzheimer’s Stories and Comments

Thank you for passing along my letter to Dr. Dean and for printing it in Life-Enhancement Magazine, March 2016 issue.

I received the magazine yesterday, March 6, 2016. My wife and I were traveling in our RV from 2-11-2016 until April 3rd. Most RV campgrounds have poor Wi-Fi and internet reception isn’t like home, thus my delay in thanking you.

I appreciate all of your references to Alzheimer’s Disease in just about every issue of your magazine. I pass along the information to my son (46) and daughter (40) telling them that taking preventative measures now will greatly reduce their chances of personal familiarity with Alzheimer’s when they are in their 60s-70s. They are both above average in health & nutrition so I hope they pay attention.

I have been going to UCSF for my medical care for 15 years. I have an excellent surgeon who goes the rare step of above and beyond. The secret is in finding an intuitive, knowledgeable primary care physician who can put it all together and direct/suggest steps to take. So far, I’m that person. That’s why I appreciate what you and the rest of your team write and report. It usually only takes me a few minutes to know if a doctor really knows what they’re talking about. The best doctors are the few who say, “let’s try this” or “Let me refer you to this doctor”, etc. instead of “see me next month.”

In appreciation,
JOE, Novato, CA

By Emily Cheyenne, WY. on 3/2/2012 

I am one of those vitamin-junkies. I take a LOT of vitamins. I have been using the GalantaMind Plus for the last few years, and I’m still here! I find that it seems to work great. I started out slow on it, and it seemed to be working well, so I keep on taking it!

By Roy Hart Portland, OR. on 1/27/2012 

I really think that the GalantaMind Plus is a fantastic product. I honestly don’t know any other 90 year olds who have the same cognitive power that my wife and I have. I really don’t, and I don’t want to lose that. It’s expensive but it’s so much better than a lot of the other stuff out there!

By F.H. New York, NY. on 1/27/2012 

I think it’s very helpful . . . GalantaMind Plus one of the best products I use to support my memory!

By Cecil Rising Sun, MD. on 12/9/2011 

I’ve noticed quite an improvement using the GalantaMind. It really works – so much so that I keep ordering it. The only downside is the premium cost. But if you want to dance you have to pay the piper!

By Joel San Diego, CA. on 10/28/2011 

We had read some articles on Galantamind and decided to purchase some for our sister-in-law to see if it would help hers. This is an incredible product, we noticed huge improvement within a couple of months. At one point the family took her off of it, and she regressed in about 3 weeks. We now have her back using it and not only is she good as new, she's even better!

By Rachmael San Francisco, CA. on 10/14/2011 

I’ve been taking GalantaMind for years. It’s easy to take and swallow. Questions and events and people from the past seem clear. Just the other day I received a call from a person I haven’t heard from in 40 years and I remembered his first and last name! Whatever GalantaMind is doing for my mind is wonderful.

By Daniel MO. on 10/7/2011 

I started taking Galantamind about 7 months ago, which was recommended as a supplement by my physician. 

I'm a musician, and I noticed I was forgetting certain music chords that I had known by heart for years.

Since taking this product I have had great success - better than I had even been in the past. If a miss a few days of taking this supplement, I notice I'm not as sharp. I need my GalantaMind to stay sharp.

By Teresa WA. on 9/19/2011 

I have had a great memory, but I was starting to lose it and get a bit funny. I actually got lost driving once before I started taking the GalantaMind. My husband even bought me a GPS! And now – I cannot believe how much better I am. I play all sorts of games and everything I do now is really excellent – it really works I tell you! When I bought my other supplements from my local store, I told the manager that he does not have any products like this GalantaMind and he said that he would investigate it! I don’t know how to express how wonderful this product is.

By Alex Bevan Australia on 11/4/2010 

I am very happy with the GalantaMind Plus. It has helped my wife a great deal. She has come back to me; not a 100%, but I have my girl 90% back with me. My family is amazed with the difference in her whole attitude, and I hope it continues.

By Dr. Gail Marietta, GA. on 11/30/2009 

I just wanted you to know that I put my mother on a high potency choline supplement along with a galantamine supplement 5 weeks ago, praying something would work to improve her failing memory. This is her 5th week and instead of just sitting there staring at us and not saying anything except “Is this where I live?,” she is actually joking, asking questions, and going back to church. Best yet, she may now be able to stay in her own home with her best buddy Gus, a labradoodle who would greatly miss her if she had to go to assisted living. I thank you … thank you … and thank you, and if you have any more suggestions, I welcome them.

By Henry Wichita, KS. on 7/31/2009 

I just read your article “Improve Episodic Memory” in the July issue and here’s my story. Over the years I’ve always enjoyed reading to my kids when they were growing up. Also, I would tell them stories derived from my life experience, a habit and a delight that I had continued with my grandchildren. 

However, a few years ago, both reading to the grandkids and telling my stories became a chore, and to my chagrin and anguish, I backed off. Then I started taking your GalantaMind Plus, and after about a year, although my grandchildren are now older, I’ve resumed again. Once more, the images are alive. What a pleasure! 

I saw a movie called Inkheart a few months ago about a father who has the ability to bring the characters of the books that he reads to life and into the real world. His 13-year old daughter develops the same faculty in the dénouement of the film. While it’s just a fantasy, I was deeply touched, and gratified that, in a way, I too had the ability to enchant my own grandchildren once again. Thank you.

By JR on 12/15/2005 

I gave my 89-year-old mother several of your supplements, including DHEA, GalantaMind, and VeinoTonic, and they have been doing wonders for her.

*FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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