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Brain Basics: Ultra Pure Colostrum

Brain Basics™ - Ultra Pure Colostrum

Ultra Pure Colostrum is an immunoglobulin rich, bioactive protein obtained from the first milking of grass fed cows. Ultra Pure Colostrum is the highest quality, purest colostrum available on the market today. Ultra Pure Colostrum is an essential component for a healthy brain, robust intestinal tract and balanced immune system. Because our Ultra Pure Colostrum contains less than 5% lactose even those who cannot tolerate lactose are able to tolerate our Ultra Pure Colostrum. Our Ultra Pure colostrum is a versatile health supplement for any age to use. Do not heat or use in hot beverages.

Suggested Use:
Add 1-2 scoops to a bowl of blueberries or smoothie to improve your gut brain axis. Use daily for 2 months to achieve optimal results.