Potassium Basics™- 240 Caps

Potassium Basics: Now With A Vegetarian Capsule!

Eat More Like a Caveman

It is no surprise that the risks of many troublesome health problems can be reduced with a good diet (and increased by a bad one). But did you know that while...

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Potassium Basics: Now With A Vegetarian Capsule!

Eat More Like a Caveman

It is no surprise that the risks of many troublesome health problems can be reduced with a good diet (and increased by a bad one). But did you know that while our diet has changed considerably from what our ancestors ate 50,000 years ago, not all of these changes have been for the good?

For example, our modern diets are likely to contain far less potassium, far more sodium, more acid forming nutrients, and less base-forming nutrients than those enjoyed by our ancestors when our species evolved. The consequences can be tragic.

Most Americans Do Not Get Enough Potassium

Fortunately, an inexpensive potassium bicarbonate dietary supplement can help you to eat more like a Caveman—without the Stone Age burdens of laborious hunting and gathering—and offer dramatic support for your wellbeing.

Modern human dietary requirements were encoded into our DNA during evolution starting with the Paleolithic diet, which contained about 35% meat and about 65% plant foods. Moreover, these foods of the early human diet had a different composition than foods do today, including a much higher level of potassium (from fruits and vegetables) and much less acid-forming content (because of the increased ratio of plant to animal foods).

The change to a low potassium, high acid-forming content diet has had a profound impact on many aspects of wellness and healthy aging. But adding potassium bicarbonate to your daily dietary program can help support healthy:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Muscle Mass
  • Bones
  • Endothelial Function
  • Dietary Acid Load

So get into the swing of things (no club intended) and make Potassium Basics a regular part of your supplement program today!

The FDA says, “Potassium is 
beneficial in lowering blood pressure.”

WARNING: IF YOU ARE TAKING A POTASSIUM-SPARING DIURETIC PRESCRIPTION DRUG DO NOT TAKE SUPPLEMENTAL POTASSIUM. If you have kidney disease you should discuss potassium bicarbonate supplementation with your physician before use. Do not reduce your dose of antihypertensive drugs or discontinue them without consulting your physician.

Suggested Use: The recommended daily serving of Durk & Sandy’s Potassium Basics is 2 capsules, 2 to 4 times daily, which provide a total of 2.7 g of potassium bicarbonate (1.35 g in each capsule) per 2 capsule serving. The elemental amount of potassium in 2.7 g of potassium bicarbonate is 1.05 g. DO NOT TAKE on an empty stomach. Take with meals.

By William Hayward, CA. on 3/11/2015 

I am extremely grateful for your potassium bicarbonate supplement. I am 72, and was told by my doctor that my bone mineral density (BMD) is less than what it should be for someone my age. What most people (and doctors) don't realize is that BMD is not only a function of estrogen (for women), calcium, vitamin D and weight-bearing exercise, but also of blood pH. If your blood pH is too low due to an overly acidic diet, your body will take calcium and magnesium from your bones to raise your blood pH, a process that causes a gradual thinning of the bones throughout life. Your product prevents this process from occurring. 

As Pearson and Shaw’s article reveals, double-blind studies have shown that potassium bicarbonate enables people to actually gain bone mass, not simply avoid losing it. Congratulations on a great product! It’s definitely working me, as I can see from pH test strips (which I'm using to test my urine) that it has raised my pH into the desired range. If your urine is too acidic, it means that your body is taking calcium and magnesium (alkaline minerals) from your bones to raise your blood pH into the normal range (~7.35-7.45), a process of demineralization that has evidently stopped since I started using Potassium Basics. Whereas my urine was too acidic before I started using your product, it is now consistently in the alkaline range. Thanks for a great product!

By Olaf Henny AK. Canada on 12/9/2011 

Up to late June I performed a one minute workout every morning. I had plateaued in the number of repetitions of push-ups for some time before that, with ‘regulars’ at max. 36 but reached most of the time only 32 to 35. My ‘cheaters’ (the kind you do, when the sergeant or coach yells “gimme 20”) had topped out at 42. 

Late June I added potassium bicarbonate, choline bitartrate and beta alanine to my regimen. The results were astounding. I have now topped out at 59 for the ‘regulars’ and 66 for the ‘cheaters’. That is an average increase of about 60%! Without taking any steroids I have packed on muscle volume and strength at faster rate than any time between puberty and 30. And that at age 77, when every self-respecting old geezer succumbs to sarcopenia. 

Just as amazing: Our property includes part of a pond, which is stocked with Koi, pretty valuable fish. Every November it is raided by Mergansers, extremely efficient hunters. I try to keep them away from the near end by tossing rocks at them. I was amazed, that this year I suddenly could throw these rocks about 50% farther than last November, without any practice in between. 

So, yes, it stands to reason, that potassium bicarbonate enhances physical performance and strength, but I tend to think, that the synergy of all or most of the supplements, I am taking, is the real cause of mine.

By Frank Cooper AK. Australia on 10/18/2011 

I am a real fan of your Potassium Basics. I noted the stomach aches when taking the product as directed, but by dissolving the contents of the capsules in a small glass of water, the problem was fixed. I tell my patients to do exactly that - pull them apart and dissolve in some water. It’s easy to do. Please continue making them in the capsule form that you do so that we can remove the contents easily. Just love the product, it increases potassium which is great, and reduces acidity via the bicarbonate which is important too.

By AK OR. on 9/14/2011 

I typically always had a normal blood pressure, but in the last 10 years it hasn’t been; I think the change is age-related because I take a ton of supplements, my diet is great, and my weight is low. I started taking Durk’s recommended dosage of this product and my blood pressure is maintaining at healthy levels.


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