Ultra D3+K2 (MK-7)
Ultra D3+K2 (MK-7)
Ultra D3+K2 (MK-7)
Ultra D3+K2 (MK-7)
Ultra D3+K2 (MK-7)
Ultra D3+K2 (MK-7)

Ultra D3+K2 (MK-7)

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Ultra D3+K2 (MK-7)

Ultra D3+K2 (MK-7)


The Ultimate Brain, Bone, Heart and Artery Formula!

This advanced, upgraded formula is the next-generation Vitamin D3 supplement combined with the valuable health promoting benefits of Vitamin K2 (MK-7 Soy Free)!  Recent scientific scrutiny of taking Vitamin D3 without adequate Vitamin K2 points towards the possibility of calcium going into soft tissue and arteries, which could create a higher risk of dementia and heart attack. 

It’s well known that few foods contain Vitamin D, so you need to get it from direct sunlight … or take it as a nutritional supplement.  Vitamin K2 is also rare in the Western diet and some researchers believe K2 may be the missing link between diet and several chronic diseases.

Vitamin D3 may help maintain proper function of muscle, brain and the heart. It may also maintain normal cell-division function, enhance locomotor function, and even prevent telomere shortening.* Vitamin D3 is believed to keep bones strong by enhancing absorption of calcium, as well as iron, phosphate, magnesium, and zinc.*

Vitamin K2 is typically found in animal foods and in high-fat dairy products, egg yolk, liver and fermented foods, such as sauerkraut. Scientists assert K2 reduces blood vessel calcification and is strongly associated with a reduced risk of heart disease.  It is believed to play a central role in the metabolism of calcium by activating the calcium-binding actions of two proteins, matrix GLA protein and osteocalcin, which help to build and maintain bones, prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures.  It is also believed that Vitamin K2 may play a critical role in dental health and may even protect against advanced prostate cancer and improving survival in patients with liver cancer.

Start taking these long-recognized, hard to find, highly valued vitamins today!

  • Support proper calcium homeostasis*
  • Support and maintain arterial health*
  • Support and maintain neurological function*
  • Support and maintain sense of well-being*
  • Support and maintain cardiovascular function*

    By Martha, FL. on 11/28/2018 

    I notice the difference, not in the way that I feel, but by the results of my blood tests. I am religious about getting my blood tested each year. Before I started taking the Ultra D3+K2 (MK-7) my vitamin D levels were low – barely on the borderline of what your levels should be. After I started taking the Ultra D3+K2 (MK-7), the level of vitamin D in my blood has definitely improved! I haven’t changed any of my other dietary things - I just added this supplement. Also I would say that vitamin D does support your immune system. Now I hardly ever get sick!

    *FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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