InnerPower™ w/ Sweet Stevia


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InnerPower™ w/ Sweet Stevia

InnerPower™ w/ Sweet Stevia


Arginine, Citrulline, & Choline Plus

Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw's InnerPower and InnerPower Plus help to trigger your own internal biochemical resources of mental and physical power for feeling more vital and youthful.*

Both InnerPower and InnerPower Plus combine arginine, choline, citrulline, magnesium aspartate chelate, glycine, and betaine, as well as folic acid and vitamins B5, B6, and B12, among many other vital nutrients—all in a delicious drink mix to help restore more youthful function to your hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which are responsible for the production and natural release of human growth hormone.*

InnerPower Plus also contains gamma-tocopherol, coenzyme Q10, and a greater amount of magnesium aspartate chelate, along with a soluble fiber.

For the proper functioning of your memory,
immune system, muscles, and sexuality*

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed. Not for use by diabetics or borderline diabetics (without the advice of their physician), pregnant or lactating women, cancer patients, men with an enlarged prostate or with high PSA values, persons with ocular or brain herpes, or those with Wilson’s Disease (a rare genetic copper metabolic disorder), Parkinson’s Disease patients, or those taking anticholinergic drugs. There have been a few reports that high dietary levels of arginine may cause reactivation of latent herpes viruses in a few susceptible individuals. If this occurs, discontinue use. Those who have recently had heart attacks should not take an L-arginine-containing supplement.

Excessive consumption of choline can cause excessive muscle tone which may produce symptoms such as stiff neck, muscle tension headaches, or gastric cramps. A few persons may develop a fishy smell when using a supplement containing choline due to the bacterial degradation of choline in their gut. Persons with ulcers or a history of ulcers should consult their physician before using a supplement containing choline since choline may increase stomach acid production.

Suggested Use: For adults only. Place one heaping tablespoon of mix in 4 ounces (1/2 cup) of cold water. Stir briskly and drink. Serve over ice for best flavor. Consume as desired 1 to 3 servings per day. For best results, drink all your servings at one time each day on an empty stomach, about one hour before exercise or athletics, or at bedtime. For those who wish to increase their total intake of choline to 3 grams per day, we suggest that you also take Life Enhancement’s supplementary choline in the form of Memory Upgrade™.

By Connie Atlanta, GA. on 3/2/2012 

After I had my kids I went up to a size 14/16. I’ve been able to make great progress, keep it off, and support muscle mass with the Inner Power. I can out-shop both of my daughters with the energy I have! I could be a poster child for this product.

By Timothy Ryan Philadelphia, PA. on 12/9/2011 

The Inner Power is really great when I’m training for a marathon. Though it hasn’t helped me run faster, it has supported my stamina. It enhances my energy when I’m running. I can really tell a difference running with it and running without it.

By Theresa Bevely, MO. on 11/11/2011 

I've been using your INNER POWER since February. The Inner Power drink mix I use for my workouts. It enhances my workouts, helps me get back out there quicker and I've noticed a real difference. This is a great product!

By Ronald TX. on 10/3/2011 

InnerPower is my favorite; I’ve been taking it for years and years – it’s just wonderful. I’ll be 54 years old this month and when I tell people my age they always say, “You gotta be kiddin’ me!” It supports your heart, it supports male sexual performance, and it just makes you feel good, I mean it really does. Most vitamins you have to go on what you read and the research on them, but you can’t really feel most of them. But InnerPower you can really feel. I definitely wouldn’t go without it, I’ll tell you that right now. My base – if I had to do away with everything that I take – I’d take the InnerPower, a really good multivitamin, and CoQ10. It’s just a wonderful product

By Jane CA. on 9/14/2011 

I’m 79 years old and I use the InnerPower. I use it before I work out. I’m trying to keep muscle mass and I’ve noticed good results since I’ve started using it. I can tell the difference in just my forearm! I can now open water bottles which I couldn’t do before.

By Paul TX. on 8/30/2011 

I use Inner Power before lifting weights several times a week. I think that Inner Power may have helped me maintain healthy body weight.

By Jack McLean, VA. on 12/29/2008 

One of my fond childhood memories is that whenever we had guests over for dinner, my father would always offer his favorite toast, the famous Spanish one: Salud, amor, y pesetas—y el tiempo para gozarlas. (May you have) Health, love, and wealth—and the time in which to enjoy them. 

It is appropriate that the most important of this triumvirate comes first—health. 

When we are young, it is easy to take natural good health and vitality for granted—and it becomes progressively less easy as we get old. Which it is why it is wise to start preserving one’s health when young (just as it is wise then to start saving money). 

I’m 65 now and as you know, 12 days ago (12/05) underwent serious abdominal surgery. My doctors are amazed at how rapidly I am recuperating. One reason for this is that I have taken nutritional supplements in “life extension” amounts for over 30 years. Another is that I am taking specific nutritional formulas to promote [natural revitalization functions].* 

Almost exclusively, they are formulas designed by famed life extension scientists Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw—dear friends for 40 years—and produced by our mutual friend Will Block’s company Life Enhancement. 

I think that such nutrition is the best Christmas present you could give to yourself. 

Of course, you could trot down to your local GNC, which I don’t doubt is a fine company. But what Life Enhancement offers is absolutely cutting-edge life-extension nutrition, quality-control I absolutely trust—and their magazine/website explains it all clearly with scientific references. 

Durk & Sandy’s latest formula, FoldRight, is an example. Almost everything our body does involves proteins. Almost all of the 25,000 genes in our DNA code for the production of a protein. All enzymes are proteins, etc. Proteins are enormously complicated, and critical to their proper functioning is that they fold into a correct three-dimensional structure. 

One major cause of aging is that the proteins in our body become progressively mis-folded. It’s like keys no longer fitting into locks. That’s why one (not the only) holy grail of life extension science is to figure out how to start re-folding our body’s mis-folded proteins back to their correct structures. FoldRight is that Holy Grail. 

That’s brand new. I’ve been taking Durk & Sandy’s arginine-based formula, InnerPower, for a quarter-century. I never go without it anywhere in the world, as it promotes [natural revitalization functions]* (as well as many other things—it’s sort of a nutritional philosopher’s stone). 

Then there’s their original life extension vitamin/supplement formula, Personal Radical Shield. Back in the 70s, before their formulas were commercially available, they would put together their basic life extension mix in their lab (I often got to be their lab assistant!). We didn’t have encapsulation equipment, so we’d carry the stuff around in plastic bags, taking a teaspoon of vitamin powder straight with each meal. You have no idea how awful it tasted. 

This went on for years. Can you imagine lugging around large bags of vitamin powders in say, Afghanistan fighting with the Mujahaddin against the Soviets? Good grief. Finally Will came along to make a business out of it and license/manufacture Durk & Sandy’s formulas. 

I don’t think you could make a better investment in yourself, give yourself a better Christmas present, than to explore the Life Enhancement site (be sure and click on the “Articles & Research About This Product” link for each formula), order the formulas you feel would be right for you, and start actually slowing down the aging process in your body. 

[I should now make this disclaimer: I have no financial interest in Life Enhancement whatever.] 

We all need to be at our healthiest

By Hank Manhattan Beach, CA. on 7/31/2008 

I’ve been a big devotee of InnerPower ever since it first became available, in an earlier and comparatively primitive form, as Arginine Cocktail, back in the early 1980s. It was then that I became familiar with the work that Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw had done under a grant from Paul F. Glenn on the subject of GH releasers. Yet, for reasons that escape me, I never really plugged into its use as a sexual enhancement product until I fell in love last year. 

In searching to become all that I could be, I read on the label that InnerPower could be taken before sex for a GH release, so, what the hell, I tried it. Wow, what a revelation! I have continued with the new InnerPower Plus formulation, and we (my sweetie and I) are even happier. My staying power is significantly up, and I am proud to say that sex has never been better. We salute the designers.

By Edwin Sonoma, CA. on 12/16/2005 

I have a history of loose teeth and have been getting a lot of dental work done over the last few years. I needed a tooth implant, but there was concern about whether I had enough bone density in my jawbone, so my periodontist took x-rays to find out. “Wow!” he proclaimed. “You have the best bone density I have seen in 18 years of practice!” I smiled, telling him that I attributed it to long-term use of a calcium formulation containing three forms of calcium, along with vitamins A, C, and D, and the mineral boron. I also took a arginine containing GH-release formulation containing arginine, as well, choline and vitamin B5. I'm of the belief that this made my tooth implant possible.


*FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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