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Self-Defensin™, from Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw®

In Times of Stress . . . Protect Yourself.

For those who wish to support healthy immune function, life extension scientists Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s new formulation,

Self-Defensin, brings together what may be the most important nutrients currently recognized for immunity support.* Self-Defensin contains the amino acids L-theanine and isoleucine along with vitamin D.

Be Prepared

L-Theanine has been found to prime gammadelta T cells, which play an important role in the mobilization of immune system defense mechanisms.* It is like cocking a gun: the cocking itself doesn’t result in discharge but is a necessary prerequisite for discharge. Isoleucine induces the activity of beta-defensin peptides, which help maintain healthy protective mechanisms in skin, airway, gut, and urogenital tract epithelial tissues.*

Stimulate Your Defensive Activity

Vitamin D has recently been found to stimulate the production of other immune system peptides that play a crucial role in maintaining healthy immune activity.*

Whether it’s the economy or a health-hostile environment or any combination of stress perpetrators, defend yourself with Self-Defensin!

The recommended serving of Self-Defensin is 1 capsule once or twice daily. This will provide 100 or 200 mg of L-theanine, 250 or 500 mg of isoleucine, and 800 or 1600 IU of vitamin D.

Caution: Not for use by children or by pregnant or lactating women. Not for use by anyone sensitive to any of the ingredients.

By TED Diamond Bar, CA. on 12/13/2016 

Self-Defensin makes a huge seasonal difference.

For me, Self-Defensin really keeps flu's and colds and their symptoms minimized or completely away. Five years ago I had reached a point were I'd get the flu three or four times a year. I tried everything under the sun, even flu vaccinations, but nothing helped much. After starting Self-Defensin, flu's and colds reduced to once a year, with minimal symptoms lasting only days. What a huge difference Self-Defensin makes for me.

By Martin Queen Creek, AZ. on 2/26/2009 

I must commend you on your theanine/isoleucine formulation. I have had a small spot on my face for over two years that did not want to heal. I tried a wide variety of topical and internal products but nothing seemed to work. Then, in January of 2008 I underwent dental surgery and my dentist prescribed one week’s supply of the antibiotic Amoxicillin® to prevent infection. At the end of the week I noticed that the spot on my face was healing. Even the quality of skin was improving. 

However, about three weeks later it was back as usual—an open wound with occasional bleeding. In September of 2008 I bought a one month supply of your theanine/isoleucine formulation to improve my immunity. I did not see any improvement so I decided to set up an appointment with a doctor in January of 2009. Then in the December 2008 issue of Life Enhancement I read your article about theanine, isoleucine, vitamin K1 and K2, and vitamin D. So I decided to give it another try. But instead of 2 capsules, I took 3 capsules per day and after 10 days I noticed a very notable improvement. So I stayed on 3 capsules a day for another 6 weeks and now the spot is completely healed. No more bleeding and you can’t even see where it used to be. 

While I am still taking your formulation, I am back to the regular quantity of 2 capsules per day. I am amazed that it appears to be as effective as an antibiotic. Thanks for your effort to keep people healthy without having to resort to the use of drugs. By the way, I am almost 79 years old and generally in good health.

*FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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